Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OBPM Business Exceptions and Heirs

Often the solution of a problem is having an eye for detail, like properly reading an error message most of the times is half the solution. Finding out how to create heirs for the Oracle Business Process Modeling Suite (OBPM) appeared to be yet another thing requiring an eye for detail.

A colleague insisted it worked for him. However, no matter how I tried it simply did not for me. We checked versions numbers, build numbers, both the same. Then another colleague came by the other day, and for him it worked too. Then I started to pay attention to the details and watched how he did it.

What I did was right-click an existing Business Exception -> Create Heir, resulting in an ordinary business object. No matter how hard I kicked it, it refused to becoming throwable. What he did was this:
  • Create a new business exception, but not as an heir.
  • Then in the properties tab set Type Inheritance to "Behavior Inheritance"
  • And set Inherits Behavior to the Business Exception you want to inherit from
As simple as that.

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