Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BPM 11g Generally Available

You may already have noticed that BPM 11g is generally available. As BPM 11g runs on the SOA Suite, it would not be correct to call it the "BPM Suite" anymore. As a matter of fact, BPM 11g currently is only available as a patch on the SOA 11g Suite.

To run BPM 11g on your laptop you will need the following:
  • Oracle Server (to setup a playground environment Oracle Server 10g XE is good enough)
  • Weblogic Server 10.3.3 (unless you need it for something else, without OEPE)
  • Repository Creation Utility
  • SOA Suite (SOA Suite 11g)
  • SOA Suite (which includes BPM and is a "patch" on
  • JDeveloper
  • JDeveloper extensions for SOA and BPM (via the check for update feature of JDev)
Excluding the database, for Windows that is 769 MB + 254 MB + 1.7 GB + 1.9 GB + 1.2 GB + 262 MB, is uh ... only 6 GB! Goodbye "next-next-finish", and hello download managers!

The good news is that for the same money you also get all the rest of JDeveloper and also BPEL with that!


fizlikwilam said...

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dubai apartments said...

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Anonymous said...

Do you think the Oracle update is worth it? I'm worried it is going to corrupt what I already have running but some of the new options do look worth having and could make a lot of defference for me at work!

Jan Kettenis said...

BPM 11g is definitely a different animal than 10g. It fits much better in a SOA 11g environment.

To do so the architecture of it has been changed considerably. So you really have to make a good assessment before you move from 10g to 11g. It is not like a migration of ALBPM to Oracle BPM 10g.