Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OBPM 11g: Showing More Detailed Log Info

One of those too stupid to be discussed items is how you can make the SOA Suite show detailed information about the payload for activities like a script activities, or what is going on inside a business rule. After all, every SOA/BPM developer is assumed to know how to set log levels, right?

Well every developer is also assumed to know what they say about assumptions, and how frustrating it is to loose valuable time on finding out how to do simple things. So bare with me while I state the obvious.

Showing Detailed Payload Information

When the audit level is set to Production (which seems to be the default), only data associations for asynchronous activities are logged. You can see which level you are using, e.g. in the Audit Trail page, as shown below.

Because I have set the log level to Development, I do not only see detailed information about the payload that left the Handle Time-out sub-process, but also of the instance system fault.

This log level can be set in the Enterprise manager, but (as the pop-up with the information indicates) not in the Log Configuration, but in the SOA Infrastructure Common Properties. You can find it as shown below.

Show What's Going on in Business Rules

Another one of those "too obvious" things is showing detailed information about what is going on inside a business rule.

When you ask you always get an answer like: "You can turn on debug tracing in the Rules SE by setting the log level for to TRACE:32 to get more detailed logging of what is happening." Absolutely a valid answer, but when you have not had to much exposure to setting log levels, this can take you some time to find out how to do.

This is done by changing the Log Configuration, as follows:

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