Monday, April 23, 2012

OBPM 11g Multi-Langual Process Models

Sometimes simple things are simple!

Take for example creating process models that you can show in 2 different languages. With OBPM this is so simple, that I at first I could not find it because I was looking in the wrong place.

That is: simple if you realize that you can also access (BPM) Project Preferences from the BPM Navigator (next to the Project Properties that can be accessed from the Application Navigator). But once found it's dead simple. Just add an extra language on the languages tab, as shown in the next figure.

You can then enter a second localized label to the pool, events, activities and gateways by going to its properties, and then click on the globe and enter the label.

After that, you can modify the language of your model on the fly by changing the default language, for example from English:

into Dutch:

If you were paying attention, or looked carefully, you will have noticed that I was not mentioning the role and sequence flow. Alas, those are not multilingual.

Oh, and eh... there is a small bug. The label of the pool only refreshes after reopening the model.

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