Thursday, March 17, 2011

OUM 5.4 Has Been Released!

Yesterday OUM 5.4 has been released. Among other things, the following improvements has been made:
  • Tactical SOA View added
  • Various techniques regarding monitoring and improving SOA (instrumentation)
  • A white paper about how to apply OUM with Scrum
  • Several SOA templates
The Tactical SOA View helps to get up-to-speed with OUM on SOA projects that do not (directly) have an enterprise approach.

The templates concern a Service Contract, a Service Catalog spreadsheet in case you don't have an Enterprise Repository, and some more.

Check it out!


Siddharth Gandhi said...

Thanks. What's the link?

Jan Kettenis said...

OUM is available through the Oracle Partner Network and customers under certain conditions. Customers have to refer to their Oracle Sales contact.

what is sap ecc 6.0 said...

This is great news that OUM 5.4 has been released. I was waiting for its release. I am very excited to know about its features and updates. Please share these details also with us. I want to try it as soon as possible.


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