Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oracle Enterprise Repository Installation Issues

The other day I installed the Oracle Enterprise Repository 10.3 on my laptop. In principle the Oracle Enterprise Repository, or OER for short, is a web application featuring a rich user interface that requires Java Web Start.

Apart from the fact that the order of the steps in the installation guide is not exactly as you want to follow them, the installation on Windows XP is relatively easy. However other than for simple tools like TextPad or Total Commander for some reason in my case installations are not supposed to be bump-free (some higher God is making sure they are not). With the finish line in sight, I already thought this was an exception to that rule.

I started the application and the welcome screen rendered OK, the final thing to do is to click on Edit/Manage Assets, and then ...

Yes, you see that right, the browser equivalent of a blank face. Now what?

As we all know, logging and JavaScript are the perfect couple, so other that checking, double checking / triple checking all the steps made, I had no clue what to do. Except for contacting a colleague who just might have ran into the same issue, and surprise surprise, she had! Clever as she is, she already found out that Java Web Start of Java 1.6 and OER 10.3 are not the best friends.

So like in her case I was able to fix the issue by disabling Java 1.6 in the user Java runtime settings, et viola!

Fortunately for me she has better things to do that blogging about silly installation issues (like taking care of a baby).