Friday, April 06, 2018

Oracle Integration Cloud: New! The Data Mapper Activity

In a previous blog I discussed a work-around for not having a Script activity in Oracle Integration Cloud's Process Builder. In this blog I will discuss another work-around which is actually not a work-around, but the real thing: the Data Mapper!

As you can read in a previous blog about the matter, not having the equivalent of the Script activity of the on-premise BPM Suite, was an omission that we often had to find a work-around for. The one I used was the Business Rule activity. However, some weeks ago the Business Rule activity got deprecated (you could clearly see that).

With the latest release of OIC (which may not yet be public available when you read this) the Business Rule activity has vanished. At the same time the Data Mapper activity has been added.

The Data Mapper activity has no properties other than that you can put it in draft mode.

The implementation is as simple as you might expect: there is only an Output tab on which you can map data from Data Objects, Predefined Variables and Business Parameters on one hand, to Data Objects and Predefined Variables on the other.

Next to simple mappings, you can also create and use (reusable) transformations to map Data Objects (or attributes) of which the types don't match.

I hope I don't have to write this any time in the future again, but if you used my work-around I got you into trouble if you want to export and import an application, because import with a Business Rule activity in the application is not supported! Sorry :-D