Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yet Another Useless Teaser

Yes! Today the Oracle Unified Method (OUM) Release 4.3.0 has been announced!

Ermmm. That was an internal announcement, as we do not yet have it available for customers. Me and my big mouth! Well, now you know I should say some more. There is no way back, is there?

To begin with I can tell you that it will not take long before OUM will be made available to customers, as the conditions for that are being discussed almost as we speak. I cannot tell you the exact details yet, as otherwise I would have to kill you. Also, I do not know the details myself so I have to wait as well. So now you still know nothing, do you?

Well, I did write about OUM before, so if you haven't read that article yet, what's keeping you? Furthermore, if it is any consolation to know (which by the way also was the name of a Dutch death metal band that split in 1999), I will tell you what and how as soon as we can deliver. So stay tuned!