Friday, July 13, 2007

We Are Proud of Borg

I case you wonder why I don't write that much lately, my wife just got out of the hospital with a so-called Ilizarov frame, with the purpose to try and fix an arthritis in her ankle (caused by an ill-treated complicated fracture many, many years ago).

Believe me, anyone who've seen her was impressed! She looks like an unfinished Robocop, a kind of Transformer that just got out of it's egg. When she wants something from you, you just know that resistance is futile. Every time she walks I have a hard time suppressing the urge to make 'uhnk-chuck uhnk-chuck' sounds. Fortunately she doesn't read my blog (I hope) and if she does, I'm just too fast for her as long as I don't let myself get cornered.

What also is impressive is the amount of time you need to spend in the beginning to take care of some one in her condition. People with children might remember the first couple of weeks, how chaotic things can be and you trying to get a grip on the situation and finding a modus operandi to get you through the day without going wacko. Picture that, plus a full-time job and the Dutch health care system of today and you cannot help feeling sorry for me. Fortunately there are plenty of people around me willing to help out, so forgive me for making things look worse than they are. I needed an excuse for not writing that much and thought a little exaggeration could do some good here.

But what is most impressive is the courage of my wife, to go through the operation knowing what she nows about the frame that she will have to suffer that for three months. That really makes me proud!


Anonymous said...

Mijn buurman zei dat hij per toeval een aardig stukje over mijn man had gelezen op het internet maar dat hij had vergeten het webadres te noteren.
Ik was benieuwd en tikte bij Google zijn naam in en er kwamen een paar artikelen tevoorschijn, waaronder deze. Dat mijn man dit zou hebben geschreven, leek me niet mogelijk want ik herkende me niet in het verhaal.
Uw vrouw en ik hebben in elke geval één ding gemeen: we zijn beiden getrouwd met Jan Kettenis.
Ik hoop overigens dat alles helemaal goed komt met de enkel van uw vrouw.

Jan Kettenis said...

Will reply in English.

LOL! What a coincidence! Kettenis is not that common.

There used to be an entry Ir J.J. Kettenis in the telephone dictionary of my home town, which totally fitted apart from the address being wrong. And as I wasn't listed, it was the only one.

If my last name would have been Janssen or some similar name, people would have paid close attention to the address, but how many J.J. Kettenissen do you expect?!

When I found out I felt sorry for the widow that (either for sentimental reasons or because of the 'poshy' Ir) kept the entry, and because of that undoubtly must have been called more than once by people looking for me. I never had the guts to call her and apologize.

Anonymous said...

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