Friday, August 22, 2008

About Business Processes, Use Cases & SOA (4 & End)

This posting is a follow-up on a previous posting in which I explained what artifacts might be appropriate in case of creating an analysis model out of a set of system use cases for a SOA project.

In this third and last posting, I will show how the (platform independent) analysis model can be transformed into a (platform specific) design that leverages BPEL.


The design involves mapping the analysis to artifacts that actually are implemented. Assuming that the Technical Architecture dictates a Service Oriented Architecture that uses BPEL to implement services and service orchestration, the design would at least include the following:

  • WSDL’s
  • A diagram design of the BPEL processes to implement
  • A database design (that supports retrieval of resident information and storage and retrieval of parking permits and their applications)
An example of an XSD already has been provided. Including WSDL’s in this case would not add much value, and a database design is too obvious. A design of the BPEL process to implement, in this case sufficiently has been provided by the activity diagrams already created. This probably will often be the case.

To show how the implementation might look like the following two BPEL process diagrams are included.
A part of the ParkingPermitProcess looks as follows:

Not surprisingly the initial business process diagram and the implementing BPEL process flow look very similar.

The same holds true for the user goal level Validate Parking Permit use case that looks as in the following picture (that actually zooms in on the ValidateParkingPermitApplication step of the previous picture):

In practice, you can imagine a human workflow step to be included that supports manual intervention of the outcome by Parking Services.

This ends a short history about the road you could walk from business process modeling to a BPEL implementation, and that with use cases as well. Now was that impressive or what?!

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