Monday, December 01, 2008

Moving a WLS Domain

The following describes how to move your own sandbox kind of WebLogic Server domain. This method is not supported and should not be used to move any other kind of domain. It is also not guaranteed that any applications deployed on it, will move flawlessly with it. And it I tried it only on Windows.

So why describe it anyway? Well, just like me, you might have not payed attention when creating a domain and it therefore may have ended up in your product home directory. And you might, just like me, be too lazy to want to run the wizard and create a new one. Not that it is so much more work to do so. Finally, just like me you might be interested to know where WLS stores this kind of information.

Moving a domain can be done as follows:
  • Copy the domain directory and everything under it, to the location where you want it to be
  • Search all the files in the domain directory for the fully qualified path name where the domain was located (e.g. d:\oracle\product\bea\domains\MyDomain, and replace that by the fully qualified path name where you want the domain to be (e.g. d:\wls\domains\MyDomain). You will find a couple of files, among them .cmd files.
  • Find the file (in my case in the d:\oracle\product\bea\wlserver_10.3\common\nodemanager\ folder). Find your domain in there and modify that manually (e.g. to d\:\\wls\\domains\\MyDomain)
  • Finally, change the short-cuts to start and stop your domain to point to the correct locations.
That did it for me!