Monday, June 22, 2015

Oracle BPEL & BPM 12c Set Flow Instance Title

In this article I describe how to set the instance title for a composite in Oracle BPEL or BPM 12c.

Sometimes little, annoying things that are fixed with a new release can give great joy. With 11g you could set the composite instance title using the (advanced) XPath function setCompositeInstanceTitle(). This helps to find or identify instances in Enterprise Manager. However, for high volume composites you may want to configure in-memory-optimization as well by adding the following properties to the BPEL process in the composite.xml:

The problem is that when you configure in-memory-optimization, that setCompositeInstanceTitle() fails because there is a relation with auditing.

In 12c the composite instance does no longer have such a prominent role in the SOA/BPM Suite. Instead the flow instance now has that role. And with that setCompositeInstanceTitle() has been deprecated, and setFlowInstanceTitle() should be used instead:

You can set the flow instance title by adding a script activity right after the Receive with assign to some dummy string variable, using the setFlowInstanceTitle() as show above. To make it work I had to wrap the string variable in a string function.

Unlike the setCompositeInstanceTitle(), with the setFlowInstanceTitle() you can configure in-memory-optimization and still display the title in Enterprise Manager:

Setting the title for a BPM flow instance can be done using the same XPath function and use it in an assignment to some dummy variable in the start event.


Ranjit Singh said...

Are you aware that where Title get stored under soa infra table? I checked that title is part CUBE_Instance table but when I checked data I found it blank. ....Wondering from where EM fetch and show this data.

Jan Kettenis said...

Good question, I don't know. If I can find the time to look into it, it I will let you know here.

Unknown said...

can you pls let me know the table which stores the composite instance title?

Krishna Hanumantharao said...

In 12c, Composite Title set using setFlowInstance is stored in sca_flow_instance table.

Jan Kettenis said...

I can confirm. The column is, how applicable, called title.