Friday, January 25, 2019

Oracle Integration Cloud: How to Rename or Delete a Swimlane Role

In the category "it was right in front of me, but I was too blind to see" below how you can "rename" and delete a swimlane (application) role. The documentation Work with Process Roles and Swimlanes for example does not discuss this, and Googling it did not help me either. So here you go...

Deleting a swim-lane is easy, you select it and press Delete or the delete icon at the top.

However, this does not delete the role itself. The issue is that when you activate the application, it will turn up in the Workspace (Administration -> Manage Roles). You can delete it there but with the next activation it is back again.

The way to do it is by going to the small icon on the top-right corner (just above the "hamburger menu") which reveals the "General Properties". There below is the link to "Organization", which takes you to a pop-up where you can delete the role

Make sure you don't use it anywhere before deleting. Otherwise the swimlane will change to "Unassigned role" which will not result in a validation error, can be activated, resulting in an application role in Workspace with name "Unassigned role". Then you have to delete that in two places (Composer and Workspace).

You cannot rename a role. For example when I want to rename the role with name "Role With Tipo" into "Role Without Typo" I have to add the latter and then delete the first.

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